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Here’s your inside guide to the July 2021 EXTRATERRESTRIAL Brew Box!

Featuring: Coastal Fermentory in Newport News, VA

Coastal Fermentory - Newport News Craft Beer - Droofin Drinks Delivered - Welcome to Earth

The 757 beer squad has a new heavy hitter on the roster with a beautiful waterfront location in Newport News. Situated right next to Ironclad Distillery with a nice big parking lot in between, this is a sure to love spot for anyone in your group of drinking buddies.

The brewers at CF are self proclaimed Extra Nerdy Beer Nerds with the mission to bring you the best IPAs, Sours, and Stouts you could possibly ask for… and Droo want you to know the pilsners they’ve been producing are quite exceptional as well.

A mission based brewery with the mind to truly give back to their community, they are very interested in collaboration with anyone interested- including your favorite Brew Guru! Check out the featured beer in this month’s box in the number one slot. We are extremely excited to share with you our first collaboration brew: Welcome To Earth!

Featured brews in this box:

1. WELCOME TO EARTH Hazy Double IPA (8% ABV)
Coastal Fermentory – Newport News, VA
Droofin’s first collaboration brew! The Brew Guru and the awesome brewers at Coastal Fermentory came together to generate the optimal hazy boi for the INDEPENDENCE DAY weekend. Featuring grey wheat malt, malted oats, flaked oats, 2-row barley, proprietary water, and fermented with Kveik yeast. Double dry hopped with Vic Secret, Talus, and BRU-1 hops, this big, tropical, juicy, smooooooth beer will have you crushing it no matter your usual go-to beer style!
Brewed and packaged by humans on earth. No extraterrestrial life forms were harmed in the brewing of this beer. Please exist responsibly ✌️

2. Static Prevails German Pilsner (5.4% ABV)
Coastal Fermentory – Newport News, VA
Light in color and body with a very low perceived hop bitterness and a nice fruity note at the end compliments of a dose of Triumph hops in the whirlpool. This beer is iconic; it’s exactly what you imagine beer to taste like. Smooth, delectable, lip smacking! You’ll be back for more in no time.

3. Unicorn RAGE Imperial Sour Ale W/ Black Currant (8% ABV)
Coastal Fermentory – Newport News, VA
The Unicorn Rave series take a serious turn for the epic with our first imperial sour! Fruited with a hefty dose of black currant, this smooth as a smoothie ale will have you raging for more!

4. Dark Forms Milk Stout W/ Vanilla Beans (8.2% ABV)
Coastal Fermentory – Newport News, VA
Dark Forms is our base milk stout. We added hundreds of vanilla beans to this batch to provide a new dynamic to this full bodied beer. Notes of dark chocolate, sweet caramel, and roasted barley paired with delightful creamy vanilla makes this milk stout irresistible!

*contains lactose

5. Honey Meade Lager (6.1% ABV)
The St. George Brewing Company – Hampton, VA
This recipe won a Silver Medal last year from the Virginia Craft Brewer’s Guild in the Specialty/Alternative category. This pale lager contains honey from bees living on site at The St. George Brewing Company, the second oldest active brewery in the state of Virginia. It is sweet and rich but not quite to the level of a true Meade. A beautiful lager type finish will leave you pleasantly surprised and ready for another sip!

Coastal Fermentory - Newport News Craft Beer - Virginia Craft Beer - Droofin - Drinks Delivered

6. Ruled By The Sun Tangerine Wheated Summer Ale (4.9% ABV)
Trapezium Brewing Co. – Petersburg, VA
Over ripe mango and juicy tangerine pulp are blended carefully to compliment this light bodied summer ale. Nice and fruity with strong citrus notes, finishing smooth and sweet.

7. German Shepheweizen Hefeweizen (5.9% ABV)
Wasserhund Brewing Co. – Virginia Beach, VA
This is the best known beer style from South Germany. It’s appearance is cloudy and yellow with an aroma of banana and clove. It is full of malt sweetness, a little hop bitterness, and containing just enough spice flavor to keep your lips smacking. If wheat beer is your preference, this brew is for you!

8. New Moon Schwarzbier (4.9% ABV)
Rip Rap Brewing Company – Norfolk, VA
Despite its dark color, this beer will surprise you with how drinkable it is. German for “black beer”, schwarzbier is also known as “black pilsner” and is light bodied with a restrained smooth roast character. As dark as the sky on a new moon… That’s no moon!

9. Full Send West Coast IPA (9% ABV)
Coastal Fermentory – Newport News, VA
West Coast IPAs are back, baby! More mid-palate hop bitterness with notes of citrus and pine. Chinook, Simcoe, Nugget, Galaxy and Vic Secret hops come in strong with a nice, dry finish. This is the ideal relief from the recent haze craze and a lovely trip back to when our local craft beer scene first exploded. Share this with your crazy hop head friend!

10. Diamonds & Pearls Session IPA (4.8% ABV)
Coastal Fermentory – Newport News, VA
An IPA light all around: primarily in ABV but also in bitterness and mouthfeel, as well as body. This was dry hopped with the famous Strata hops and El Dorado for a very smooth, entertaining sip. Try it before you knock it- this is not an aggressive hop bomb, instead it was designed to be enjoyed all day long any day of the year and by any type of drinker.

Coastal Fermentory - Virginia Craft Beer - Craft Brewery

11. Bee Nut Butter Brown Ale (7.1% ABV)
Nansemond Brewing Station – Suffolk, VA
Loaded with peanut butter and locally harvested honey, this Nut Brown Ale is rich in flavor with a smooth body. It has a dark amber color and a creamy tan head. The smell and taste of candied peanuts fill your nose and palate as you enjoy the taste of Suffolk.

12. Bayside Belgian Saison (6.5% ABV)
Cape Charles Brewing Co. – Cape Charles, Eastern Shore, VA
Our nod to the Belgian farmers of the past and their seasonal or “saison” brews. Perfectly balanced with notes of coriander and hints of black pepper.

Check out this new watering hole this summer! The taproom is family friendly, dog friendly, friends with lots of great local musicians and food trucks, and a calendar full of events every weekend. Every Wednesday evening the staff donates all of their tips and a portion of the proceeds to varying local charities, supporting their overall mission to Drink Beer, Do Good. Get in on this action at your next opportunity, you won’t regret the trip!

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