Buy Your Friends A Round!


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Send your friends a cold, tasty, drink to their door! 
We make it easy,
First select the amount you’d like to gift, and Change The Quantity Depending on How Many Friends you’d like to send. Add to your cart and checkout!

After you’ve checked out, you’ll get an email for each Droofin drink you’ve gifted. Just go ahead and forward that email to whoever you’d like to share a drink with. Add any personal message, like reminding them that the next round is on them! ?? 

Once they get the email, they can use the code to receive the credit you’ve sent and can choose whichever drink they’d like to select, and order it straight to their doorstep!

Number of Drinks Per Person

$10 Credit, $100.00 Credit, $15 Credit – A Six Pack, $20 Credit – Bottle of Wine, $5 Credit – A Beer, $50 Credit


Grapefruit, Stawberry-Mango-Kiwi

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