Draft Top – Lid Remover




Experience all your beer has to offer by turning your can into a cup

You can detect about a trillion smells (no exaggeration) and you can taste exactly five. Which is why if you’re not smelling your beer, you’re missing out on 99.999% of the experience. But who wants to grab a glass when the can is such an ideal vessel? With its ability to create a perfectly smooth edge, The Draft Top turns your beer can into an open-top cup that immediately grants access to all the malty notes, hoppy aromas, and fruity esters that you’d otherwise miss out! Go ahead, drink topless.

  • A patented bar tool that removes the top of any standard beer can, turning it into a cup
  • Edge is incredibly smooth and safe
  • Allows the full experience of any beer by allowing the aromas to reach your nose
  • Excellent for adding garnishes to the side of the can
  • Saves time by not dirtying glassware
  • Perfect for camping and other outdoor activities where glass can’t go

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