Oozlefinch-Das Yummy Ging/Apri-4pk/16oz


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Oozlefinch Beers and Blending
Brewed in Fort Monroe, VA
Das Yummy (Gingered Apricot Crumble)
4pk, 16 oz
7% ABV

This has made a return! It’s a pleasant combination of spring fruit and winter spices to bring you a gingered apricot crumble in a glass! It pours a bright orange and the apricot takes a backburner allowing the spices to shine through on the aroma. However, the apricot addition takes over the mouthfeel, making it a fruity, thick and creamy Berliner with a touch of crisp acidity to round out the gulp. The COVID-10lbs doesn’t have to be a thing if you drink your dessert!

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