Oozlefinch-Netfinch and Chill (ET)-4/16z


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Oozlefinch Beers and Blending
Brewed in Fort Monroe, VA
Netfinch and Chill (ET)
4pk, 16 oz
7% ABV
Fruit Beer

The latest Netfinch and chill is a big old pint of complexity. We started with our Saison base and conditioned it on Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, and starfruit, giving it huge jammy aromas and a sweet initial sip. The starfruit took us by surprise and added an herbal, funky character that makes itself present on the nose and the finish of your sip. You will be able to detect notes of sweet berry followed by a herbaceousness and grassy funk that isn’t overwhelming but rather complementary to create a balanced sip.


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