Oozlefinch-Party Dinosaur Chili-4pk/16z


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Oozlefinch Beers and Blending
Brewed in Fort Monroe, VA
Party Dinosaur (mango and chili)
4pk, 16 oz
6.5% ABV
4pk, 16 oz

Our newest Party Dinosaur will surely be the highlight of your summer bbqs this year. The brain child of our sales manager, Jason Fallon, this beer may seem like it has too much going on but what’s a party without a little crazy? We started this batch off with a heaping addition of mango and finished it off with a light addition of Aji Panca and pasilla chili powder. The mango dominates on the front end with a light residual sweetness from the vanilla and lactose. As you finish the sip, you will notice a hint of spice that makes sure you’re aware of its presence, but doesn’t linger too long after the party is done.

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