Precarious-You Look Familiar IPA-4pk/16z


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Precarious Beer Project
Brewed in Williamsburg, VA
You Look Familiar
4pk, 16 oz
7% ABV

Pacific NW Style IPA with Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo.
There are some people who always have other people say to them, "You Look Familiar…" Perhaps it’s their inviting smile or kind eyes or supernatural good looks, but if you’ve ever known someone that get this line all the time, you know it happens often. This Pacific NW Style IPA is that person: inviting, kind, and really really good looking. Bright grapefruit, pine, oranges and a surprising rose note dance on top of a firmly bitter base with a slightly darker shade of amber than its cousins down in California. Slightly malty yet still crisp and refreshing, and is familiar enough to get you in the feels. A classic example of IPAs in the early years in the Evergreen State with a modern twist.

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